Reaching Pet Owners Through Direct Mail

Pet Owners

If your company markets a product to pet owners, you have every reason to be optimistic about your prospects. Between the years of 2002 and 2006, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association found that pet ownership went up nearly 8%, from 64 to 69 million people. Consider, too, that the majority own dogs and cats, […]

Integrating Marketing Channels in 2014

Marketing Integration

There have never been more options when it comes to marketing channels than there are today. In this day and age, a company looking to get its message out will face the peculiar challenge of choosing from a wide variety of methods to use. Despite all the new options afforded by modern technology, the best […]

The Return of Direct Mail in 2014

Return of Direct Mail

For too many people, the idea of using direct mail for marketing purposes seems outdated, old-fashioned, and antiquated.  In our current day, most people think of email, website ads, and  SEO when it comes to getting their product or service out in front of their audience.  While these are all profitable and should also be […]

Marketing to the Health and Fitness Crowd

Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether we’re talking about lifelong gym rats or those who are in the early stages of their New Year’s resolutions, people looking to improve or maintain their health represent a vibrant market for the companies that can reach them. If you’d like to learn more about how fitness and health mailing lists can give you […]

Find Diet and Weight Loss Enthusiasts Through Direct Marketing


If you offer a diet or weight loss service, you probably already know the competition you face in your market. It’s a crowded room for those trying to reach the largest customer base, making marketing almost as important as the product or service you offer. In order to beat out the competition and let your […]

The Importance of Reaching Out to New Businesses

new business mailing lists

A recent study showed that although they are a goldmine for revenue, most businesses don’t target people who recently moved to their community at all. It makes sense, then, that the same is happening with new businesses. The problem is, as with new customers, new businesses bring many unique aspects to the table that should […]

Email Overload Puts Direct Mail Back in the Driver’s Seat

irect -Mail-Response--versus-Email-Mail

It’s easy to get sucked into believing that direct mail is a dead form of communication. More and more, our society does everything online, after all. We even have cell phones that can accommodate our love and constant use of the Internet. Surprisingly, though, traditional mail is anything but dead, especially for business. Superior Aesthetics […]

Keep Mailing Lists Clean to Combat Possible Postage Rate Increases

updated mailing lists

Stating that his agency was in “the midst of a financial disaster”, Postmaster General Patrick Donahue has publicly stated that the only solution may be an increase in the price of stamps (Miga, 2013). Suffering a sixteen billion dollar loss last year and current predictions estimating his agency will lose another six billion this year, […]

New Movers Often Go Ignored by Local Businesses

new movers ignored

The importance of marketing to new members of your community cannot be overstated. New movers represent new opportunities other than the ones you have already been targeting with your marketing. Not only do they represent new opportunities simply because they were formerly located elsewhere, but they themselves are probably facing new challenges. Most people move […]

Profiting from the Affordable Care Act

With the Affordable Care Act, more Americans will now receive health insurance. However, as the mandate still leaves health insurance companies intact, they are free to market their services to a whole new demographic of people who previously could not afford access. In 2011, this number was 48.6 million people or 15.7% of the population […]