Profiting from the Affordable Care Act

insurance mailing lists

With the Affordable Care Act, more Americans will now receive health insurance. However, as the mandate still leaves health insurance companies intact, they are free to market their services to a whole new demographic of people who previously could not afford access. In 2011, this number was 48.6 million people or 15.7% of the population […]

Closing the Gap Between Direct Mail and Email

direct mail to email

The challenges that marketers face today with which medium will give the best response can be overpowering. We recently compared the results from direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and a combination of both to determine the best marketing strategy. Many marketing experts are confronted with constant changes in technology and are gripped with what works […]

Dramatic Conversion Rate Increases from Personalized Direct Mail

personalized direct mail

Direct Marketers are invariably searching for the best medium to attract customers. This is coupled with tight marketing budgets. To help businesses compete and see that direct mail is still a powerful marketing channel, we approached local businesses by sending out a personalized letter with an offer and industry tips.  We decided test the responsiveness […]

Price Matching and Product Quality – Where is the Line?

Price match mailing lists

In today’s tight economy, companies struggle to compete. This often leads to desperate attempts to lower or match prices to win business. It seems to have become fashionable for businesses to offer price matching for products and services. While some might think this is a good for business, it is not necessarily the case. Target […]

Direct Mail vs Email in 2013 – What do Consumers Want?

Direct Mail Channel

The ongoing debate of which marketing method is most effective, email or direct mail, can be solved by listening to what consumers have to say.  Here we offer insight on best practices to reach your target audience. A recent survey about customer preference in how they received marketing information bucks the current trends in marketing. […]

QR Code Success Grows With Smartphone Users

direct mail QR Code

Direct mail has long been a mainstay of small and medium sized business marketing strategies.Direct mail offers combined with QR codes equals a piece of mail in one hand and a phone in the other enticing a call to action. A quick scan allows customers to instantly connect with a company. A Forbes study reported […]

Business Success Lies in Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

In today’s fast paced world, attracting and maintaining consumers is more of a challenge than ever. Not only are local companies in competition with one another, but thanks to the boom in e-commerce, businesses must hold their own against a truly global marketplace. How can businesses stand apart from the crowd? The key to attracting […]

Lift Holiday Spirit and Sales with Personalized Direct Mail

Hand written direct mail

Today’s direct marketers are constantly looking for new methods to get more of their direct mail pieces opened and subsequently increase their response rate. One tool that has proven very successful in meeting this challenge is digital handwriting fonts. Most mailing services today can take your database and apply the address information with a font […]

Drive Holiday Shoppers to your Website with Direct Mail

Direct Mail Shopping Cart

Advertising for the holiday season is vital. Marketers are well aware of the profits that can be made during this time of year when consumers are spending the most money. There are a number of ways to grab the attention of consumers, and direct mail is one fundamental method that is often overlooked. Learn why […]