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Affluent Mailing Lists

The wealthy account for 37% of all consumer spending.

Affluent Mailing Lists

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Affluent people are those who have a substantial amount of wealth and have disposable income to feed their lifestyle. Wealthy consumers live in expensive homes, drive a luxury car, and will spend an abundant amount of money on entertainment. The rich like a lavish lifestyle and their buying habits consist of luxury brands. Affluent households will pay premium price to fulfill their opulent desires. The wealthy attribute to one third of all consumer spending. Rich people like to feel special and unique and marketers can benefit from helping an affluent person achieve this.
Affluent Buyers List SegmentsUniverse
Affluent households by income25,500,487
Affluent households by net worth20,293,741
Affluent professionals1,752,117
Affluent homeowners7,900,019
Affluent women19,601,064
Affluent households with children8,941,533



Age, gender, household income, net worth, propensity to buy specific products and services, contributors/donors, mail order buyers, presence of credit card, lifestyle factors, mortgage information, length of residence, marital status, presence of children, ethnicity, education level and much more.


Popular Usage

Real estate, furniture, automobiles, boats, travel, fashion, jewelry, cosmetologist, spas, fitness, golfing, electronics, pools, restaurants, art, banks, investments, formal wear, computer software, limo services, beauty products, and much more.

Affluent Mailing Lists

Appealing to the wealthy
Wealthy people like the finer things in life. They have a strong desire for top quality products and services, and access to the most exclusive brands. Affluent people also like to feel special and being treated so will bring customer loyalty. Time and money is valuable to rich people, therefore convenience is important and will bring success to a business that offers this. In other words, the wealthy want a V.I.P. experience.

  • Marketing to the wealthy is unlike marketing to any other group. The rich have been exposed to the finest and best quality of products and service that life has to offer. Marketers must be knowledgeable and proficient when dealing with the affluent. Most wealthy people want to deal with someone who knows their product well and is a savvy business person. Give them facts and be concise.
  • Quality and service is of the upmost importance to affluent people. Wealthy people are often busy and service is as important as the product. Products that deliver a symbol of status are more likely to attract a rich person. Appealing to this group with premium service and top quality products is essential and should reflect their lifestyle. For the wealthy basic necessities are covered therefore, they are in pursuit of luxury, image and lifestyle. The emphasis should be on the quality and value, not the cost.
  • Make a good first impression. Build a relationship and maintain it and you will buy customer loyalty. Make sure all of their needs are met. This attention will impress a wealthy person and could lead to more sales. Furthermore, the affluent tend to hang around people with their same status and will tell others about your product or service.
  • Marketing products and services with affluent mailing lists will be more effective if words that reflect their status are used. For example, the content should include words like exclusive, elegant, luxurious, classy, powerful, etc. This will give a wealthy customer the impression that you truly understand how they live and think.
  • Communication skills are very important when dealing with wealthy people. Listening is the key to understanding how an affluent person thinks. Marketers should listen to needs and offer solutions. Make sure your affluent clientele perceive themselves as your one and only concern.

The rewards can be significant to marketers that can attract affluent consumers. This segment of people is rich in opportunities.


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