Wait a Minute Mr. Postman: The Resurgence of Direct Mail

Direct Mail response rates

Advertising a product or service has become a challenge for many marketers. Getting the attention of prospects with so many choices makes it difficult to determine which marketing channel is the best to capture an audience. Technology has made marketing easier, yet at the same time the constant distraction is overwhelming. For this reason, direct […]

How to Reach People Who Donate to Charities During the Holidays

Giving in Billions 2013

It’s that time of year when non-profit organizations and charities start tugging at people’s heartstrings to donate money. These organizations know consumers are more willing to open their wallets and give during the holiday season. Most important, over 40% of all donations will be made in the last six weeks of the year and Americans […]

Optimizing a Direct Mail Letter in 2014

direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing has made a comeback in recent years as more companies have become frustrated with the results their email marketing garners. For example, the Direct Marketing Association did a study in June of 2012 that showed response rates were actually much higher (3.4% compared to 0.12%) for direct mail than email (MarketingCharts). This […]

The Top Five Ways to Appeal to the Outdoors Man

Outdoors man mailing lists

When marketing, you always have to speak to your target demographic. So, what if your products or services are aimed at Mr. Outdoors? How do you reach the All-American outdoorsy type with your advertising? Here, we will discuss five great ways to appeal to the outdoors man with your advertising campaign. Reach Out Through Social […]

5 Pro Tips for Advertising to Green and Eco-Friendly Companies

Eco Friendly Direct Mail

Advertising in today’s world can be tricky enough. After all, these days it is hard to know whether to go traditional, advertise online, or utilize a combination of both (the latter is almost always the best choice), and reaching your target demographic can be hard when they have multiple companies vying for their business. Here […]

What Marketing Channels Are Businesses Spending Money On?

Marketing Channels

In the era of the Internet, competition for virtually every form of business has gone global, and companies are being forced to advertise more just to retain business, let alone to grow one. Of course, with all of these changes in technology, the past couple of decades have also brought some changes to the way […]

Overlooked Methods of Marketing to Seniors


With around 8,000 baby boomers reaching retirement age every single day, it is important that today’s business owners realize how large the senior market is. Boomers have a big percentage of the consumer world’s disposable income, and failing to market a viable product or service to them can prove to be a fatal flaw. Of […]

How to Find the Target Market for Your Niche

target marketing

If you are starting a business, it is critical that you understand your target market. After all, inthis day and age, you really need to know your customers in order to achieve success. You have to work not to be too broad in your vision of your target demographic, and you have to work to […]

The Changing Face of Customer Service in 2014

Customer Service

Business has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Long gone for the most part are the days where an owner simply opened up in a rented or purchased storefront and began putting out print ads and hoping that people came in to buy. Today, most businesses operate on a national, if not […]

Marketing to Millenials with a Medium They Trust

Generation Y

If you want your company to succeed, you need to continuously market to new customers. While this can mean finding new markets for your existing product or service, it also means learning about your demographic as it changes. For example, the newest purchasing power in the market right now is Millenials. This group of people […]