Direct Mail FAQs

Who is AccurateLeads?
Accurateleads.Com, (A division of Dirmark/DMS, Inc.) represents over 45 years of direct marketing experience and has been a leader in developing direct marketing products & services for companies just like yours. This experience translates to thousands of case studies which ensure you get the most complete list recommendation possible.Learn more
Who have we worked with?
Companies ranging from corporate giants like Coke and IBM to your small family owned businesses of less than ten employees. We have the ability to accommodate businesses of any size so do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a list or lead?
Names and addresses of businesses or residences who match the criteria of the prospective audience you wish to present an offer. For example, if you wanted a consumer count of households, 25 years+, with an income of 50,000+, in the zip code 30518, we can get back to you with how many addresses there are meeting those specifications.

What is a Count Report?
A free report showing the number of leads available that matches your selection criteria.

How do I get a Count Report and Quote?
The easiest method is to call a list consultant and we will do all the work for you. You can also fill out our list request form and the information can be emailed to you. Some additional tools to assist you include a Mailing List Tip Guide along with some additional information in our FAQ’s.

I'm new to this, how can you help me with Direct Marketing?
We work with new customers on a daily basis are providing new ways to educate our clients on how direct marketing works. Your best solution is to call or email us and speak to one of our experts, or you can take a look at our free buyers guide to help you understand the industry better. Any problems, questions, or confusion can typically be answered in a matter of minutes.

I'm experienced in Direct Marketing. Why should I choose AccurateLeads?
As an experienced direct marketer you understand the importance of industry knowledge better than most. Even the simplest list request can cost you thousands of dollars due to minor omissions or errors. With over 45 years of experience we are time tested and have implemented numerous safeguards into our ordering process to insure that you always get the list you requested. Our business is built on customer satisfaction and as a result of our service and knowledge many of our customers have been with us for over 20 years.

How accurate are your mailing lists?
List data is collected from 1000’s of sources at which point it is merged, cleaned, and passed against USPS software to make sure you get the most accurate up to date file available. The data cleansing process includes telephone verification, self-reported data, multi-source matching, and database sharing along with numerous proprietary sources which insures almost every record is minimally double source verified.

Are your phone leads ran against the do not call list?
Yes all phones that we give will be on the do not call list unless otherwise specified.

We can boast some of the best rates offered by the list industry and will find an option that works with your budget. Our custom price schedules include; special rates for new customers, volume price breaks, annual usage contracts, net name arrangements, and reseller/agency discounts. Calls or email us for a free quote at any time.

Do you offer online count system?
With over 65,000 different list sources available to you, it is impossible for any vendor to provide direct access to every database. Keep in mind, those firms offering you instant counts online are limiting your marketing options to just a few databases.

In what format can I receive my list?
Most lists are being provided via email in an electronic format such as dbase, ASCII, excel, txt, SDF, CSV, .MDB, and similar formats. Hard copy formats include peel and stick labels, 3 x 5 cards, telemarketing reports and sales reports. Custom output is available upon request.

How often are your lists updated?
Most list go through a monthly updating process which includes; passing a file against the USPS data for address accuracy and standardization and NCOA; National Change of Address data. Additional cleansing will includes telemarketing, bureau update files, and new data acquisitions along with numerous proprietary files.

Any other questions?  Feel free to contact through the form on the right or telephone.