New Mover Mailing Lists

There are more than 300,000 new movers in the US every week and they will spend more in the first three months in their new residence than non-movers will in five years.  Unlike new homeowner mailing lists which target only those who have purchased a house, the new mover database includes every person that has relocated in the last 12 months regardless of whether they are renting or buying.

AccurateLeads New Mover Mailing lists will provide individuals who are looking to for new services such as doctors, dentists, mechanics, dry cleaners, and beauty salons.  The movers will need to buy furniture, kitchen supplies, electronics, window coverings, bedding, and a number of other items to complete their transition.  Make sure your product or service is in the mover’s selection set when they are deciding where to spend.

Reach true new movers who have actually relocated.  AccurateLeads can provide these prospects for one time orders and weekly or monthly subscriptions.  It is estimated the average new mover will spend around $7,000 in the first three months of relocating and there are over 41 million Americans moving every year.  Do we really need to combine these numbers for you to see new movers have extremely high purchasing power?  Be the first to welcome these people to your area and help your business beat out competitors.

New Mover List Info

  • Over 17 million records are available
  •  More than 300,000 leads are added weekly
  •  94% Deliverability Guarantee
  •  Select from any geography in the US

New Mover Data Selects

  • Address Type
  • Age of New Mover
  • Change in Home Value
  • Distance of Move
  • Dwelling Size
  • Gender of New Mover
  • Home Value
  • Household income
  • Presence of Children
  • Much more
Tap into the new movers market and take advantage of the spending that takes place after a relocation.  The new movers list is available with a weekly and monthly subscription or pay as you go.    For a count and quote call (800) 685-4787 or fill out the form to the right.  You can also email us [email protected].


new mover mailing lists


New Mover Mailing Lists

Timing is crucial when marketing to a new mover. This group is ready to buy products and services needed related to their move. Competitors are lurking around every corner and the first one in will have an edge on an obtaining a new customer. With one out of every four Americans moving each year, that’s a lot of new business up for grabs.

Think about all of the products and services lost from moving to a new area. A new dentist, doctor, hair stylist, to name a few will be needed. Many professional services have the opportunity to lock in a potential lifelong customer if they get to them first.

Anyone new to an area will be seeking out restaurants, grocery stores, or any other retail shop to find goods and services to fill their needs. Put an ad or coupon in front of this new resident so they will know what you have to offer and welcome them to the neighborhood.

When advertising to someone that has recently moved, a direct mail piece will be more effective than calling. Moving can be stressful and hectic and a phone call may annoy someone. More importantly, even if the mail piece is not read immediately, it may be put aside and looked at when things have settled down.

Instead of sending a traditional offer to a new customer, present them with something that makes them feel special. Send an enticing invitation for half off or a free item for new customers. This will let the consumer know that you want their business and are willing to give them something extra or free to get it. The value of a giveaway will be well worth obtaining a lifelong customer.

New mover list can be narrowed down to certain demographics. Make sure to specify homes only if the offer is for a lawn or security service. Another select that is helpful is new to zip or move distance. If a consumer has never lived in the area they will actively engaged in seeking out new service providers. A targeted campaign to this highly responsive audience has the potential to generate a significant amount of business.
Get moving on new movers today and watch your business grow!