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Seniors 64 turning 65 Mailing Lists

Approximately 10,000 people per day will turn 65 for the next 18 years.

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The first group of baby boomers began turning 65 on New Year’s Day in 2011. This is a milestone for this age as many will retire. They will be starting a new phase in their life. This group is living longer and their needs have changed more than past generations. Depending on health and finances, preparing for retirement can be daunting for many. Marketers can help this prime market thrive in retirement.
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Seniors 64 turning 65 14,844,002



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Seniors 64 turning 65 Mailing Lists

As people hit retirement age many changes will take place. First is the eligibility for Medicare. Next for many is celebrating the beginning of retirement. Many consumers turning 65 did not prepare adequately to support a stress free life after retirement.Decisions on downsizing to a smaller home or moving to retirement community are on their mind. Whether to continue to work or go ahead and draw social security. Preparing for the dream life of retirement can be overwhelming.

  • With the rising cost of healthcare, Medicare does not cover all medical bills.Get the attention of seniors before they turn 65 and jump on this opportunity to sell supplemental plans. Insurance agents can also present long-term plans that can be beneficial before the cost goes up as this group ages.
  • Financial planners can also help those with retirement plans. Boomers have seen the value of their investments decline during the recession. Plenty of retirees have already used up their retirement savings, never had any to begin with, or have seen their 401k’s drop. Financial planners can step in help meet their financial needs in retirement.
  • With additional time on the hands of seniors 64 turning 65, traveling is on the bucket list of things to do. By this age many seniors have paid off their mortgage and they have no dependents, therefore they have more disposable income to play with. Travel is certainly a choice many seniors will be making. This is a great opportunity for travel agents or hospitality industries to promote their services.
  • Many baby boomers want to stay productive when they retire. One way to do this is to volunteer. This mature audience is healthier and more educated than previous generations and can make an impact in their communities. Organizations looking for volunteers to connect to other can capitalize on this group.
  • Since many 65 year old people have plenty of years to live, a sudden accident or medical issue could effect decision making. Attorneys can offer their services for end of life care, wills, estate planning, or any other needs that someone may wish to carry out.

Life doesn’t stop when a person retirees. Marketers have a great opportunity to get their name out in front of this fast growing audience.


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